Dear ECAART14 Participant,

In terms of best way from your city to reach the conference venue (Ramada Hotel Sibiu) well it depends on your plans and time availability and also if you are interested to participate on the visit of our institute that will take place on the 23rd of July (Saturday). So please plan carefully your journey to beautiful Sibiu!

Visa Requirements
According to the Visa regulations of Romania, Visa requirements are waived for citizens of most European countries, USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, etc. Please check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania website to find out if you need a Visa to Romania:

How to get there
By car: Use Google Maps to find the best way to reach the conference venue. (Coordinates: 45.79090515023339, 24.147683443902707)

By plane: There are at least two ways of reaching the conference venue:
  1. Flight from your city to Sibiu International Airport.
  2. Flight from your city to Bucharest (Otopeni Henri Coanda International Airport). From Otopeni to Sibiu using the: train, mini-bus, bus, rented car.
  3. By train from Bucharest to Sibiu: There are several train options that will take between 6 to 8 hours to reach Sibiu from Bucharest railway station Gara de Nord. The first train leaves Gara de Nord station at 6:08 AM and the last one at 4:37 PM.
    Departure times can be found here:
    You can buy tickets in advance using the official website of CFR Calatori company:

    How to get from Otopeni Airport to Gara de Nord station?
    There is a direct train connection right from the airport that goes to Gara de Nord railway station, it takes around 25 minutes. The ticket can be purchased in many ways: online, directly from the train (you can pay contactless using MasterCard, Visa cards, or by NFC using a smartphone, smart watch, etc. After payment you will receive a receipt), from the ticket office or from the station ticket machines (price is around 5 lei, 1 EURO).

    Other convenient ways are public transport or use a taxi. You can order a taxi from the airport booth (price is around 10-15 EURO). You can also reach this station by using car sharing apps like Uber, Bolt, etc. (usually 50-75 lei, 10-15 euro). Depending on the traffic this price can increase.
    From Otopeni airport one can use also a mini-bus (8 places) (about 5 hours ride, price is around 180 lei (37 EURO)) to get to Sibiu. You can check departure times here: The booking for these shuttles can be made two weeks ahead of the departure.
    You can also Rent a car from the Otopeni airport if you prefer this option. Please check for instance this website for details and pricing:
    There is also the possibility to go from Otopeni airport to one of the bus stations from Bucharest. There are several buses leaving from Bucuresti to Sibiu. They are leaving from these stations: Autogara Militari, Autogara Obor and Gara CFR Bucuresti Nord. You can check their timetable here: Price for this is around 80-95 lei (16-19 EURO). To reach these station from the Otopeni airport you can use the public transport, a taxi that can be ordered from the terminal, or even use Uber app. Reaching these stations from the airport will take around 50 minutes using public transport. Taxi and Uber will take less time. Google Maps can also be helpful in finding the best possible routes.
Searching on different online travel agencies like Opodo, Google Flights, etc., one can find their best way to reach the conference venue. Regarding the total time needed to reach the conference venue (Ramada Hotel Sibiu) all these itineraries have their pluses and minuses. So please check what is the best option for you!